Lessons in the Scout Law – A Scout is clean.

Clean – A Scout is Clean.  A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He chooses the company of those who live by high standards. He helps keep his home and community clean.  “Thaddeus, get in the shower NOW.  I don’t mean five minutes from now; I mean NOW,” Mom added for emphasis.  She […]

Lessons in the Scout Law – A Scout is brave.

Brave – A Scout is Brave.  A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him. “Come on, Wyatt, all the guys are waiting!  Will you hurry up?”  Tad tapped his baseball glove impatiently as he […]

Lessons in the Scout Law – A Scout is Cheerful!

Cheerful – A Scout is Cheerful.  A Scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy. “Oh no, was anyone seriously hurt?  Do we need to go to the hospital?”  Tad’s mom was talking on the phone, and her voice was getting higher […]

Lessons in the Scout Law: A Scout is Obedient

A Scout is Obedient.  A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobeying them. The boys were working on their menu for the […]

Lessons from the Scout Law – A Scout is KIND.

A Scout is Kind.  A Scout knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. Without good reason, he does not harm or kill any living thing.  “Okay, guys, controllers down.  Everybody up and out,” Tad’s Mom called.  Tad, Wyatt, Conner, and Rusty were sprawled all over the floor […]